4th of July at the Berkeley Marina!

On Monday, July 4th the students of Summerfuel Berkeley celebrated Independence Day in America! Students celebrated on the Berkeley Marina with fireworks, tons of games, and lots of yummy food vendors!

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A Bostonian 4th!


You want me to shave THAT?


Leo and Julia cozy up in their patriotic attire!


The lawnmower- a 4th of July classic!


Maud, Sam, Sydney and Dan just before the fireworks celebration!


We went all out with red, white and blue cupcakes!

We went all out with red, white and blue cupcakes!



There’s no better place to celebrate the 4th than Boston- the iconic American city! Medford, of course, is a close second! At Tufts, our kids were ready for a well-deserved break! The UNO CREW dominated once again. They’re stealing all the fun! The RAs put together a spectacular game night on the lawn that included all kinds of odd behavior- shaving balloons, doing the wheelbarrow and throwing wet sponges. In 100º weather that was the highlight of our day! All in all a blast! The gang finished on the Tisch Library rooftop where they watched the fireworks in the distance!

Happy birthday America!

Independence Day (Version Amèricain)

Bonjour from RA Mimi Tohill!

Yesterday was my favorite day yet of this summer’s Summerfuel in Nice program: between the first full day of classes, free (beach) time for all, and a French-American 4th of July celebration, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly thankful for the lovely days, people, and opportunities in my life.

The first holiday away from home, however, is often difficult. For our American students, a celebration of Independence Day didn’t feel quite as celebratory without bonfires or fireworks. Yet – with the help of a BBQ dinner, sparklers, and a rousing round of group games – everyone came together,  their stampeding feet, cheers, mimes,  and competitive spirits making the evening a celebratory one for all of us, American and non-American alike.

Lycée staff Yolande and Jean-Jaques grilled us up ”steak haché” while students instructed professors on the proper ‘American’ method of creating the perfect burger. (As one RA instructed a photography professor, the key is ketchup, and lots of it.)  After celebrating with sparklers, students took to the school gym to play ”Never Have I Ever” and, soon afterwards, a giant competition of ”Running Charades.” Let me tell you, never have I ever seen a teenager so accurately mime out a Slinky as I did last night!

Frustratingly, though surely committed to the charades cause,  ”Team Snooki’,’ as led by yours truly, got stuck on the very first word: Eiffel Tower. Those who made it to the end, however, blew me away with their supreme acting skills. RA Reed led his team, Team Party In The U.S.A., to victory, then led us all to laughs and cheers with their singing of Miley Cirus’s song and, soon after, their donning of items from their grab bag of prizes.

See photos below for glimpses of our lovely, French-American day of celebration!

4th of July Fun, Part 1

Harvard study hall

Our motivated students do a little extra reading before we begin the Independence Day events! 

News from Hastings Hall

Should you coming looking for us at Harvard Law School, you will find Summerfuel headquartered in room 312 of Hastings Hall.  Three days into the program, we are seeing students who are engaged in their studies and enthused about the Cambridge environs.  (Starbucks and CVS appear to be the most popular merchants, followed closely by the Harvard bookstore and various frozen yogurt vendors.)


Two thumbs up from Chad.

At the moment, things are quiet at Hastings as the RA groups have ventured out on the town for their first RA Night.  (Look for photos coming shortly.)  The senior staff, meanwhile, is catching up on emails, enjoying a burrito from Felipe’s, and making final preparations for our 4th of July events:  Lauren Rollins, our academic director, is planning to paint many Summerfuel faces red, white and blue tomorrow; Vivian Wheeler, activities guru, has concocted a potent menu of field day contests, pitting house against house in the quest for Independence Day glory; and Chad Wolf, our residential czar, has found a patriotic headband to commemorate our nation’s birthday.

This weekend, we head to Six Flags amusement park this Saturday, followed by our first Boston trip on Sunday, featuring such landmarks as the New England Aquarium, Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.   Look for photos from all these events coming soon!

A.J. Kohlhepp, Director

4th of July Fun

Although the students still had class today on the 4th of July holiday, the staff wanted to do something fun and interactive with the group.  The students took a quiz that gave them some insight as to what kind of leader they are.  Can you guess what your student scored?  Were they a Gold (organized and dependable), Blue (compassionate and caring), Orange (spontaneous and active), or Green (objective and rational).

Afterwards, we did some team building with the students where they mastered the “floating hula hoop” and also figured out a way to reach their goal outside of a circle they were confined to.  Check out these pictures of the campers working together!  We also have videos posted to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AsaSummerfuelStanford