Check Out Our Guest Blogger: ASA UMass Student Sandra Klemet N’Guessan

“I usually do not love camps where you need all the will of the world to leave it; the kind of camp where you meet very interesting people, but you have to leave at the moment you start knowing them well. The strength of ASA Summerfuel at UMass is the huge diversity of nationalities, cultures and languages. It’s like traveling in a lot of countries without moving. That’s amazing! Well, actually, I love this camp. So many funny memories and beautiful meetings! I really enjoyed the atmosphere here, the organization, all the activities proposed, the Worcester Dining Commons, and some of the courses. In 3 words: AN AWESOME CAMP!

PS: My RA group is the best because… T-I-G-E-R-S WE’RE GONNA KICK YOU’RE A-S-A ! + I am completely in love with Holly, my RA; she is the nicest and sweetest person I’ve ever met. ♥”

-Sandra Klemet N’Guessan aka “Mr. ASA Summerfuel.”


ASA UMass Takes Over Boston

Summerfuel students take on the beautiful city of Boston! From the Shear Madness show to shopping on Newbury…our savvy students navigated this city like locals! Click on the image below for more! 

Mr./Ms. ASA Pageant & Teen Talent Show

Check out the hilarious annual Mr./Ms. ASA Pageant and Teen Talent Show! Also, see some of the videos from this event on Youtube and Facebook!

Meet Our Amazing UMass Student Blogger…Lili Kinsella!

My name is Lili Kinsella, and I am a student at the ASA Summerfuel Program at UMASS in Amherst. I am from Boston, Massachusetts and am 15 years old. I entered the ASA Summerfuel program as a somewhat unwilling participant, but by the end of the first day, I had already begun to warm up to the program. On the first day at UMASS Amherst, I met my 3 other suitemates (Alejandra from the Dominican Republic, Lauren from New York, and Samantha from Texas). All of the students were split into orientation groups, which met in the courtyard and played games to learn each other’s name. I made many new friends that first day and, even now on my second to last day at the program, I am still learning the names of new people. The first three days consisted of orientation activities and our schedules were packed with fun things to do. There are 8 girls total in my RA group, led by our amazing RA (Resident Assistant) Holly. Each day during orientation we ate our meals with our RA groups at the dinning commons, allowing us to always have someone to sit with until we created our own group of friends. I have grown close with not only my roommates, but also the other girls in my RA group. In addition, I have made many other friends from all over the world, including places such as Turkey, Japan, the States, Tunisia, and France.

The classes here are quite fun and interesting. The courses that I am taking are Entrepreneurship, Essay Writing, and Tennis. I was not thrilled about taking my Entrepreneurship or Essay Writing classes, but they both turned out to be much more fun than I had anticipated. This past weekend, we took trips to Six Flags and Boston- both of which were extremely fun. Each day, after our AM and PM/ Workshop Classes, optional activities were arranged for students. Some of these activities included a bowling trip, soccer games, college tours, and the Teen Talent Show/ Mr.-Mrs. ASA Pageant. Having gone to the bowling trip and having been a member of the audience during the Talent Show/ Pageant, I can report that both activities were loads of fun. The performances by the RA’s were great and the student’s cross-dressing was hilarious.

I am doing another 2-week program similar to ASA Summerfuel that will begin in two weeks. If I could, however, I would without a doubt stay the full 4 weeks here at UMASS. I have grown to love my time here, and will miss everyone here very much. I have been more independent, made new friends, and have had an amazing time at a program that I thought I would strongly dislike. I had an absolutely phenomenal time at UMASS and would definitely recommend the Summerfuel program to people looking to make new friends, be more independent, and get a feel for college life!



The Summerfuel Olympics was no challenge for these fierce competitors. Our students worked collaboratively with their RA groups to bring home the gold! With flags flying high, mascots cheering excitingly, and team names that showed true creativity; this event was filled with nothing but laughs!

Summerfuel Students Are Amazing!

As students were returning to the dorm, they stumbled upon a baby bird, which they believe had fallen from its nest. They quickly turned into an organized animal rescue unit. From securing a safe location, to building a nest and gathering food, these group of students showed that a little caring goes a long way!

Human Bingo and Ice Cream…What more could you ask for?!?

During orientation, students took on the Human Bingo challenge as they worked their way around the ice cream tables! With so many great options, this tasty event was a hit!





We now have all our students here at the UMass program! Opening day was a success as families and students from all over the world traveled to start what will be an epic summer. Here’s a sneak peek of Day 1….