Independence Day (Version Amèricain)

Bonjour from RA Mimi Tohill!

Yesterday was my favorite day yet of this summer’s Summerfuel in Nice program: between the first full day of classes, free (beach) time for all, and a French-American 4th of July celebration, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly thankful for the lovely days, people, and opportunities in my life.

The first holiday away from home, however, is often difficult. For our American students, a celebration of Independence Day didn’t feel quite as celebratory without bonfires or fireworks. Yet – with the help of a BBQ dinner, sparklers, and a rousing round of group games – everyone came together,  their stampeding feet, cheers, mimes,  and competitive spirits making the evening a celebratory one for all of us, American and non-American alike.

Lycée staff Yolande and Jean-Jaques grilled us up ”steak haché” while students instructed professors on the proper ‘American’ method of creating the perfect burger. (As one RA instructed a photography professor, the key is ketchup, and lots of it.)  After celebrating with sparklers, students took to the school gym to play ”Never Have I Ever” and, soon afterwards, a giant competition of ”Running Charades.” Let me tell you, never have I ever seen a teenager so accurately mime out a Slinky as I did last night!

Frustratingly, though surely committed to the charades cause,  ”Team Snooki’,’ as led by yours truly, got stuck on the very first word: Eiffel Tower. Those who made it to the end, however, blew me away with their supreme acting skills. RA Reed led his team, Team Party In The U.S.A., to victory, then led us all to laughs and cheers with their singing of Miley Cirus’s song and, soon after, their donning of items from their grab bag of prizes.

See photos below for glimpses of our lovely, French-American day of celebration!

116 days until Summerfuel Harvard 2012!

We’re eagerly crossing each day off of our calendars as we countdown to summer 2012. Check back soon for more detailed updates!

The Berkeley Bulletin (#2): Away we go!

We have had a busy three days here in Berkeley.    

Sunday saw our 125 students arrive, from five different continents, early in the morning till late at night. Monday, Independence Day, featured scavenger hunts around town in the morning, a trip to the waterfront in the afternoon, and a thrilling 60 minutes of Speed-friending at night. The students went to bed tired but excited with everything they had seen and done in their first twenty-four hours. Read more