Postcard Making and Summerfuel Olympics at Harvard!

On Monday the students took part in “Create your Own Postcard day!” Here are two samples of what they made! Who knows?? You may have received your very own postcard!

Minnie in Harvard Yard!

Last night the students had the opportunity to compete in a “crimson” relay against the halls to win major prizes! The 5 halls got into the competitive spirit by wearing matching hall colors and rallying together in front of Hastings Hall! Their Olympic competition included a three legged race, balloon shaving competition, wheelbarrow race, RA trivia questions, paint your RA and MUCH more! The students had a great time competing with each other and showing their hall spirit!! The final 250 meter dash changed the fate of many of the competitors bringing last place up to 3rd and 2nd place up to 1st! The team that came in first place will receive water tubes on Sunday at Water Country USA where they will be able to skip the lines and enjoy the fun before everyone else!

Day 14: Recapping the Weekend

We had an incredible weekend here at ASA Summerfuel Harvard! On Saturday, students headed to Hampton Beach in Hampton, NH. The weather was picture-perfect allowing students to swim in the sea, lay out in the sun, or choose to shop and eat on the boardwalk. After a long day in the sun, everyone was tired and ready to eat! Upon arriving back at Harvard, students were greeted to a delicious picnic outside of Hastings Hall. The rest of the night was spent relaxing, playing board games and a large group of students participated in an intense game of “Mafia.”

On Sunday morning, a group of students woke up bright and early to go kayaking on the Charles River! After a lovely breakfast at Starbucks, students headed down to the Charles and spent the morning kayaking. Later in the afternoon, students were treated to a lovely brunch and then headed out for a trip to Boston. Students spent the day doing various activities from shopping at the Prudential Center to walking through Boston Common to even seeing the new Spiderman movie! Students arrived back at Harvard later, tired after a long day.

A picture of Boston Common taken by one of our RAs!

Tonight is our third RA night of the program! RAs are planning a number of activities like dinner and a movie, kayaking, and dinner at a Japanese restaurant! Stay tuned to hear how the students enjoyed their night.


Summerfuel’s Got a Talented Group of Murder Mystery Detectives

As we come to the close of our second week here at ASA Harvard the students have had had the chance to participate in two very exciting evening programs.

On Thursday we had “Summerfuel’s Got Talent” hosted by two of our RAs, Chelsea and CK.  During this competition students got to display their talents for a judging panel of their fellow students in hopes of winning a $25 gift card to Starbucks.  We saw a multitude of talents ranging from singing to dancing and even a beatbox demonstration by the eventual winner David Berl.  Even though David walked away with the grand prize there is no doubt that ASA Harvard’s Got talent!

On Friday students got the chance to participate in the first annual “Murder at Hastings”  During this activity students  had to use their best detective skills to solve a fictional murder mystery.  Students had to travel around to each RA’s suite and complete a task in order to receive a clue.  Once they they had gathered all the clues they needed they made their best attempts to crack the case.  While all five halls did an excellent job it was RA Trish’s girls who solved the mystery first.

This weekend students are traveling to Hampton beach on Saturday and going on their second excursion to Boston on Sunday.  It is hard to believe that we are nearing the halfway point of our program, but I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Bruno Victor playing the guitar during Summerfuel’s Got Talent.


Winner of Summerfuel’s Got Talent: David Berl

RA Chelsea and her girls performing a dance for Summerfuel’s Got Talent.

Day Nine: A Midsummer Night’s Rave

Last night, students were decked out in their Tuesday best for A Midsummer Night’s Rave. ASA Summerfuel Harvard’s very own RA, Justin a.k.a. “RocboyShelley” and a student, Leo, combined forces to create two outstanding DJ playlists. Students danced the night away showing off some serious dance moves.

The DJ Booth!

RA Trish and her girls ready to party!

A student shows her strength on the dance floor!

Tomorrow night is Summerfuel’s Got Talent and the halls are alive with the sounds of music, skits and dancing. Tomorrow’s winner will receive a special prize and students are definitely working for it! A judge from each hall has already been chosen and they will have a tough time deciding tomorrow’s winner. Keep checking back here for updates about Summerfuel’s Got Talent and other great ASA Summerfuel activities at Harvard!

Day Eight: Let’s go to the mall!

Yesterday marked the completion of the first full week at ASA Summerfuel Harvard! Students are working hard, keeping up with homework, and having a heck of a good time. After a long day of classes, students ventured out with their RAs for their second RA Night of the program. The ASA Summerfuel Harvard RAs organized a group trip to the wonderful Cambridgeside Galleria! After a lovely dinner, students were able to buy whatever their hearts desired- at least until their funds ran out. All students arrived back to Harvard Law School well before check-in and enjoyed the rest of the night relaxing.

Cambridgeside Galleria!

Tomorrow night, ASA Summerfuel Harvard students will have a chance to go on a number of fantastic excursions. Students are also beginning to prepare for Summerfuel’s Got Talent! which will take place on Thursday evening. But the talk of the day is tonight’s dance- Midsummer Night’s Rave. The ASA Summerfuel RAs are already preparing for tonight’s festivities. Students- get ready to party! (within ASA Summerfuel regulations, of course).

Day Seven: We’re on a Duck.

After an exhausting day of fun in the sun, the Summerfuel Harvard team slept in before enjoying a lovely brunch picnic in the beautiful Boston morning.

Our excursion began at the Museum of Science, near the North End of Boston. There we boarded our “ducks,” which are renovated military vehicles that can travel by both land and water. Our “Conducktor” took us on a journey of the streets of downtown Boston before depositing us back at the Museum of Science.

We took a pleasant walk down to the North End for dinner, where the team split up on Hanover and Salem Streets to explore Italian cuisine.

Week two starts tomorrow with a full day of class, followed by another RA night excursion! This week the RAs have even more great plans for dinner and activities!

Day Six: Breakfast and Bizarro!

Today the Summerfuel Harvard team enjoyed a fantastic breakfast on the grounds of Hastings Hall before departing for Agawam, Massachusetts for a full day of fun at Six Flags.

Wild rides, giant prizes, and water slides can only describe a sliver of the fun that Summerfuel Harvard had at Six Flags New England. There were endless shops and roller coasters, as well as unique new water roads.

Our RA Courtland had so much fun, it knocked his glasses right off! (and if anyone has found his glasses at the bottom of Lazy River, please contact Summerfuel Harvard).

The Summerfuel students came back around 11pm, exhausted from a day in the sun. The excitement for tomorrow’s excursion to Boston cannot be contained!

Day 5: SummerFeud at Harvard!

Last night at Harvard, students attended an amazing program designed by RA’s C.K. and Chelsea called SummerFeud.  Inspired by the TV show Family Feud, the students split up into teams of 5 (families) and competed against each other to name the most popular response to a survey question. “Hot to Go”(pictured below) stole the show away winning 4 out of 5 rounds, taking home the title of SummerFeud Champs and a free trip to Pink Berry!