Ice Cream Social

What happens when you get 42 talented students together in the same room with a piano? Lots of scintillating* performances! David cajoled* Jericho into playing some classic tunes on the piano for us. To change it up, some of the others played everything from Elton John songs to Lean on Me. After the college admissions workshop, we rewarded our students for their great erudition* with copious* amounts of ice-cream and an eclectic* assortment of toppings.

*SAT Words


Staying Cool in the Heat Wave


In an effort to beat the heat, students united outside the dining hall for a water-fight. They received water balloons by correctly defining their SAT words, but get the word wrong and face the consequences…a water-gun attack! By the end of the game not only were they cooled off, but more prepared for the test!

Campus Visits to Yale and Sarah Lawrence


The whole group ventured to Yale and Sarah Lawrence on Wednesday to check out the schools. Our Yale tour guided was an aspiring comedian…emphasis on aspiring, as he was not actually very funny. However, we enjoyed the tours and lunch in New Haven. Our next stop was Sarah Lawrence, where our tour guide was actually funny and the students were impressed by the art programs and liberal arts curriculum.


Times Square







What better way to kick-off out two weeks in New York than with a visit to Times Square! We stopped off at the Toys-R-Us store to relive our childhood by riding the famous ferris wheel and seeing various superheroes brought to life. It was nice to get out of the heat and do some shopping. We ended the trip with delicious milkshakes at Shake Shack!

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Hit or Miss


The students teamed to take a study break out on the green to play some Hit or Miss! We all geared up for some healthy competition and team building! We learned a lot about each other such as Wyatt’s vast knowledge of exercise equipment and all our international students’ ability to name obscure islands! This game was definitely a hit!


Welcome to Columbia!!

We’ve been so busy having fun and we finally have the chance to share the experiences. Columbia has so much to offer and we are trying to take advantage of all the opportunities on this amazing campus. Students began arriving early on Sunday from all over the world! After settling in our rooms and meeting roommates, we reunited as a group for some games and get-to-know-you activities! Read more