A Bostonian 4th!


You want me to shave THAT?


Leo and Julia cozy up in their patriotic attire!


The lawnmower- a 4th of July classic!


Maud, Sam, Sydney and Dan just before the fireworks celebration!


We went all out with red, white and blue cupcakes!

We went all out with red, white and blue cupcakes!



There’s no better place to celebrate the 4th than Boston- the iconic American city! Medford, of course, is a close second! At Tufts, our kids were ready for a well-deserved break! The UNO CREW dominated once again. They’re stealing all the fun! The RAs put together a spectacular game night on the lawn that included all kinds of odd behavior- shaving balloons, doing the wheelbarrow and throwing wet sponges. In 100º weather that was the highlight of our day! All in all a blast! The gang finished on the Tisch Library rooftop where they watched the fireworks in the distance!

Happy birthday America!

Boston College and Boston University

Today, our summerfuel students toured Boston College and Boston University.  Two very different campuses in one day helped students began to articulate their criteria for choosing a college campus. After the college visits we returned to Tufts for their final individual college counseling session and a study hall to work on resumes, personal essays, and prep for the final SAT diagnostic tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow will be our last full day together; we are not ready to say good-bye.    Sad face


We ventured out on our second trip to Harvard Square today. Today, we toured the campus with an amazing guide. Students enjoyed learning the unique history of this prestigious institution.  After the tour, students were free to explore the shops and dining surrounding the gates of the Harvard Yard.  We returned to Tufts campus where students attended essay writing class and retired early for the night. Big day tomorrow!!


Explore Boston

Today, our students were up earlier than usual to sit for their second SAT diagnostic exam.

After the test, we hopped on the T to explore Boston.  Many students opted to hit the shops on Newbury Street; others chose to catch a movie to escape the heat around the Commons.  Others took the time to walk the park, find pretty places, and snap pictures.  As the evening fell, we all broke into groups and ate dinner in the North End of the city were Italian food and pastries are infamous.


Today, students went to SAT class as usual and returned to prepare for our first college visit to Northeastern University.  We learned about the university through an official college informational session and a guided tour of the campus.  Many students remarked that they loved the campus and “loved the feel of being in the middle of the city on a campus”.

The tour finished with an impromptu private session with the Assistant Dean of Bouve College of Health Services, Christine Letzeiser, PhD, RN. She took the time to get to know students academic interests and answered a number of questions.

Summerfuel ASA aims to expose our students to a variety of schools so they can begin to understand what criteria to use when deciding what school and campus life will best suit their needs.  Students returned to Eaton Hall after the college visit to have workshops with the Summerfuel college counselors.   Finally, we ended the day with a surprise cake and singing for our birthday girl!

A surprise following a workshop on application deadlines, we could all use a piece of cake! Happy Birthday Sets!!

Up Late to Celebrate


We allowed students to stay up late to surprise Setsoakae for her 18th birthday. Students gathered outside her room at midnight and gave her the surprise of the lifetime. It was a wonderful start to a new day, more celebration updates to come.

Fourth of July

Today, our students followed their SAT class with a riveting game of Taboo and or intense game of soccer.  After essay writing class we left campus for a special treat.  In honor of the Fourth of July,  we took the train from Davis Square near Tufts University to Harvard Square.  Students broke up into groups and explored the Cambridge commercial hub.  After all the fun, we traveled back to Medford on the train and watched the fireworks along the Boston Skyline from the roof of Tufts University library.

The view was priceless.

Tuesday at Tufts

Students were up early for their first SAT class followed by individual meetings with the Summerfuel college counselors. Students not in a counseling session got started on their SAT homework, essay class reading, or took a brake with new friends.

After dinner, students walked to Eaton Hall for an interactive workshop on the college admissions process with both college counselors. Summerfuel residential assistants offered insights from their recent college application experiences. Finally, Summerfuel college counselors brought students to the computer lab to discuss effective college research strategies.

Tomorrow is July 4th and were excited to celebrate the holiday with this dynamic group of students! More to come..