First Day of Class


Today was the first day of class.  Students were up bright and early for their first diagnostic SAT exam. After lunch, students spent time relaxing and getting to know one another by playing soccer and card games.

Next, our Summerfuelers were divided into two groups for essay writing class. To begin the process of constructing the perfect personal essay, students filled a blank sheet of paper with statements beginning with “I remember” to jump start the creative process.  After dinner and a moment to rest, read, and regroup, students moved on the final workshop of the day—an intensive self-assessment and resume session with Summerfuel college counselors.


Move-In Day

Yesterday, we welcomed our newest class of Summerfuelers to Tufts University.  Students traveled from as far as Johannesburg, Dubai, London, and France; and as close as Connecticut and New York.  Students moved into their dorm rooms and were introduced to their roommates.  After a delicious dinner in Carmichael Dining Hall, we walked across Tufts’ breathtaking campus to Eaton Hall for an orientation with Summerfuel staff, resident assistants, and college counselors.  Students got to know each other through RA-led community-building exercises that brought on the laughter.  We learned tons of fun tidbits about each other and realized how much we have in common.

125 days to Summerfuel 2012!

We’re eagerly crossing each day off of our calendars as we countdown to summer 2012.  Check back soon for more detailed updates!

BU, Summerfuel Showdown

Yesterday we visited Boston University for an info session and campus tour. After that, we went to Harvard Square to explore, shop, and have dinner. Here are a few pics from the trip.

The gang escapes the sun for a few minutes outside the BU Admissions Office.

Natalia and Hugh enjoy conversation and Starbucks beverages. Matt, our counselor, manages to avoid tripping on camera.

Sue, Heather, and--per usual--the back of Gill's head.

Parnian wonders where she might be able to find a seat.

Today students had their last SAT and Writing Classes. They also each met individually with our counselor and will have one last college admissions workshop.
For tonight’s recreational activity, we’ve organized the “Summerfuel Showdown.” Students have been broken into two teams, and they’ll compete in a potato sack race, an egg pass, bobbing for apples, a three-legged race, a wheel barrow race, a water balloon toss, and a pie eating contest.
What are they playing for, you ask? None other than the coveted Summerfuel Cup, modeled below by our RA, Kim.

More College Visits

After students had their SAT class this morning, we took the T to Harvard. We arrived ahead of schedule, which meant the kids could throw the Frisbee around for a bit. Tanner really knows how to chuck that thing. 
We had an info session followed by a walking tour of the campus. Students posed for some pics in front of the John Harvard statue–the third most photographed statue in the US. Or so they claim…
Back at Tufts, students worked on their personal essays in writing class. Our plan to tye-dye some tees was postponed due to rain, but that didn’t stop us from having some fun. There was a poker game in the hall (Sam learned how to play and Julia taught all of us a lesson), music in the lounge provided by Hugh (vocals) and Ebrahim (guitar), impressions by Tanner, a handshake montage by Brian.
One time only, in celebration of a late-night trip to the donut shop by two of ASA’s finest, we bring you a haiku:
Matt and Tanner run,
earn, pre-burn the calories
of a Boston Cream.

Ebrahim and Sam soak up the sun as we leave Tufts campus.

Natalia and Hugh work on their scuba communication skills.

Heather shows off her dance moves! Where's Nishant when you need him?!


Gill rocks her standard pose: "the look away."

Tanner perfects one of his many impersonations on the T.

The gang says "grilled cheese" outside the Harvard Admissions office.


Matt just needs a water bottle connected to a lanyard, and he can entertain himself for hours.



Ebrahim is all smiles at Julia's birthday bash.

Kliment and Brian ponder the laws of gravity.

Nishant looks on as Julia updates her twitter account--"OMG, my new friends are so awesome! Surprise party on my b-day!"

Soccer under the lights on Tufts' center pitch.

Erika enters into a Tazmanian Devil-like spin.

Kliment, Julia, Brian, and Kim in the scrum.

Matt in pursuit and Sam holding down the fort.

Today, Beantown!

It’s 8:06AM here in New England. The crew made it to breakfast this morning before heading off to their SAT diagnostic session. Four hours of practice tests await them. Gulp…

Once they finish up their testing, we’ll grab some packed lunches and board a bus that will drop us off in downtown Boston. Everyone is looking forward to a little time off campus.

Last night we had a great turnout for our planned activity–soccer under the lights. Tanner and Brian formed a brick wall on defense. Julia showed she can really scoot down the sideline. Erika was fearless, unafraid to tackle the biggest guy on the field. Sam’s gleaming white Keds boasted surprising power. Kliment, who borrowed someone else’s snug sneaks, controlled the middle of the field. A group of quasi-spectators including Heather, Gill, and Natalia chatted it up on the sideline.

College Visits

At 8:30am yesterday we boarded a bus and headed to Northeastern University. A number of students were impressed with the pristine campus in the heart of the city. Some were attracted by the school’s  “experiential learning” Read more