We’re done!

We had a great last few days, and on Thursday, parents came and watched us play in the afternoon, following a morning of skills and technical tests. It was a lot of fun and we appreciate everyone who came out! Then it was off to the Hard Rock Cafe for a final dinner and some ice cream, and then we headed onto the bus one last time, got back to the residence to pack, and went to bed!

We hope everyone had a great time, and that we see you again next summer! Visca Barça!

The home stretch!

After an incredible first week of training, we took the weekend to get out and hit the beach! Saturday saw us head north to Tossa del Mar, a beautiful beach town with a picturesque castle overlooking the rocky beach; on Sunday we stayed closer to Barcelona at Casteldefells, which has a huge stretch of sandy beaches. It was a great chance to relax and rest before our final few days of training.

Last night we had a special guest at the residence — the coaches! They came over to give the kids a hand at the quiz, which was 10 questions in each of 5 subjects, from geography to FC Barcelona history. It was a closely fought but the ice cream prize was worth it.

Then today, we found out something incredible on the way to the field in the morning — the first team was training next to us! The kids did a great job of staying calm and quiet as they watched the pros at work, and we got in a good workout, with only a few extended glances over at the superstars next door! Here’s the club’s official video of the session, and if you squint, you just might see us!

Week 1 is almost done!

It was a great week overall. The boys have been getting out there and playing despite the heat, and the level of soccer is really high. Everyone enjoyed the Camp Nou tour, and our trip into the city for the tour of the Gothic Quarter was a hit as well. Check out some pictures, and let us know what you think!

Welcome to FC Barcelona – Summerfuel Camp!

Everyone is finally here, safe and sound, and we had a great first day of training at the Ciutat Esportiva. The morning was dedicated to tactics and skills, and then we went to the Camp Nou for lunch, some free time, and a quick history lesson of FC Barcelona, from our football director Enric. After that it was back to the field for scrimmages, and then we came back to the residence for a ping pong tournament!

All in all it was an amazing start to the camp, and the kids are having a great time. Let us know if we can help with anything by emailing us at fcbarcelona@summerfuel.com!

Successful Start to ASA/FCB SESSION 1….

The boys have gotten off to a flying start with two great days of training in near perfect Barcelona weather. Player evaluations are complete, and now the boys are in their training groups for the remainder of camp. Already we see an improvement in one days time!

Our first cultural visit will be this evening after training when the boys take the tour of the Gothic Quarter. Looking forward to the many sights…..

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Session 1 complete… Ready for Session 2…

All the session 1 campers have just about checked out of the Sarria Residence, and are well on their way to their journeys home. Session one of 2012 finished in fine fashion with skill competitions and tournament style play. The FCB Escola coaches even challenged the championship team from the older division. safe to say the boys were brought back down to earth!

The boys finished camp last evening with a camp dinner finale at the Hard Rock cafe. Good times had by all….!

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Park Guell…Sagrada Familia…

After yesterday’s training session with Fcb, the boys enjoyed a fine excursion to the famous Park Guell designed by Gaudi. This afternoon post training we shall visit another Gaudi icon in Sagrada Familia. As camp is winding down it is clear to see that although the boys are tired they have improved their games and are in better physical condition. We are proud of their performances and effort.

End of camp dinner tomorrow night….Hard Rock Cafe….placa catylunya…..

Here’s looking to a great finish of session 1…,

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ASA/FCB Session 2 arrival information and detail for Sunday July 15th…

Listed are some important details for the meet and greet drop off date of  Sunday July 15th:

-drop will be scheduled for Sunday July 15th from 1-4pm

– if you plan on dropping your son off early that day please be aware that there is a possibility of a slight delay in getting him into his room. House keeping at the residencia needs to prepare the rooms for check in causing delay. Please have a plan if you arrive early to occupy some down time….

-if your son is arriving on the 14th please make Telmo Nunes aware of his travel plans and accommodations and how he is arriving to camp, etc

Thanks for the cooperation,