Setting Up for Summerfuel Oxford 2019!


Hello! This is Cyle, the assistant director for Summerfuel Oxford 2019. Lindsey (the director) and I arrived on campus Sunday and have been setting up our office, meeting with university officials, brainstorming, and introducing ourselves to the wonderful museums and sights that Oxford has to offer. Our amazing (and I can’t say that clearly enough- these are some outstanding humans) staff of RAs arrive in the coming days and we can hardly wait to see them!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting June and Oxford for the last several months and so it’s hard to believe that it won’t be too long before you and 44 other students will be boarding your flights and traveling to Lady Margaret Hall to join Lindsey, the RAs, and I for three weeks full of learning, adventure, and community. I am sure that I speak for the entire staff when I say that we couldn’t be more excited to meet you!

In the coming days, we’ll be posting a little bit about ourselves and what you can expect when you arrive. Meanwhile, if you or your family have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at:

We’ll have a phone set up shortly as well, and will update this post with that phone number as soon as we can!


Countdown to Summer!

Welcome to Summerfuel Yale!

We’re less than a month away from the launch of a great Social Entrepreneurship program in lovely New Haven, Connecticut!

As we start to move towards the start of our program, I wanted to make some introductions so you can meet this year’s Summerfuel Yale team team.  We have a terrific group of senior staff, faculty, and student staff dedicated to making your Summerfuel experience engaging, fun, and successful.

Senior Staff are live-in, full time experienced educators with collegiate residence life experience.  Each member has a specific focus area, while the overall team works together to ensure all aspects of student academic and co-curricular life run smoothly.

  • Our team 2014 Summerfuel Yale team includes:
  • Genia Bettencourt, Director
  • Deena Smith, Residence Life Director
  • Elizabeth Reemsnyder, Student Services Director
  • Midori Neaton, Activities Director

Faculty lead the curriculum and create a meaningful classroom experience as students explore pressing global concerns and create their own full-fledged social enterprise to address them.

  • This year’s faculty are:
  • Laquita Joyner-McGraw, Lead Teacher
  • Stacey Banks-Houston
  • Christine Adamow
  • Rosanne Carlo

Our Resident Advisors (RAs) are campus leaders from around the United States dedicated to sharing their knowledge and collegiate experience to support program participants academically and socially. Each RA will work closely with a group of approximately twelve high school students during the program.

  • Our RA team includes:
  • Francisca Chau
  • Maryssa Kozek
  • Greg Masso
  • Tyler Manning
  • Jessica Charnley
  • Ty Wagner

During the summer, this blog will be a place that you can check for the latest updates on activities, excursions, and academic information.  Visit us often!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Genia Bettencourt, Director