Setting Up for Summerfuel Oxford 2019!


Hello! This is Cyle, the assistant director for Summerfuel Oxford 2019. Lindsey (the director) and I arrived on campus Sunday and have been setting up our office, meeting with university officials, brainstorming, and introducing ourselves to the wonderful museums and sights that Oxford has to offer. Our amazing (and I can’t say that clearly enough- these are some outstanding humans) staff of RAs arrive in the coming days and we can hardly wait to see them!

I’ve been anxiously awaiting June and Oxford for the last several months and so it’s hard to believe that it won’t be too long before you and 44 other students will be boarding your flights and traveling to Lady Margaret Hall to join Lindsey, the RAs, and I for three weeks full of learning, adventure, and community. I am sure that I speak for the entire staff when I say that we couldn’t be more excited to meet you!

In the coming days, we’ll be posting a little bit about ourselves and what you can expect when you arrive. Meanwhile, if you or your family have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at: oxford@summerfuel.com.

We’ll have a phone set up shortly as well, and will update this post with that phone number as soon as we can!


Oxford Alum Gabriela Conquers the Dreaming Spires

A summer at Oxford is an unforgettable experience that leaves students with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. See what Gabriela has to say about her time with Summerfuel in Oxford in 2015:

Hi, my name is Gabriela and I went to Oxford in 2015. I am a sophomore in college now, living in Miami. To this day, I still have no words. The days I spent in Oxford were some of the most memorable times in my life. It’s about to be four years since my trip and I still can’t stop thinking about it. I look at picures from my trip constantly. It was the first time traveling without my parents and my first real taste of what it felt like to travel the world and be independent.

I was lucky enough to go on this trip with my best friend from middle school, Gaby. Together, we conquered Oxford one dreaming spire at a time. We got to do some many things there together, but we also got to experience many things on our own and meet such amazing people. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my new home for the summer. Lady Margaret Hall became home in a matter of days.

I quickly made a group of friends that I absolutely loved. Every minute of the day was spent rolling on the floor with laughter, discovering the hidden gems of Oxford, and eating at just about every food place that exists in our small town. From Ben’s cookies and G&D’s, we would never go hungry. My morning class, Oxford Art and Architecture, is what I consider to be a blessing in disguise. My morning class was changed 3 times before I finally found the perfect one for me. I never expected to be taking architecture classes as a current pre-med student, but I knew it was the perfect opportunity to do something completely different. I ended up falling in love with it and had zero regrets, and I couldn’t imagine taking any other class!

One of the best things about my Summerfuel trip was the lifelong friend that came out of it. It was one of the first couple of days when we met in the dining hall. We were in the same RA group, but it wasn’t until she stole a jug of water from another table for me at dinner that I knew we would be friends forever. From that day on, we were inseparable! We took care of each other when we were sick, took the same afternoon class, and spent just about every day together.

Cosi lived in New York and now goes to school in California. I live in Miami, but the distance never stopped us. We have met up at least once almost every year since our program ended, whether I go visit her in New York with Gaby or her coming to stay with me in Miami. I know that we’ll be friends for a long time and I’m so grateful to Summerfuel for letting us meet.

Without Summerfuel, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. It opened so many doors for me and provided me with such amazing experiences that I still brag about to this day. It even inspired me to do another study abroad trip in college to the U.K. this upcoming summer. I wish I could go back to my days in Oxford!

P.S. To any future Summerfuel students and alumni, just know that the excitement and giddiness will never go away even for years after your program. Just take me and my friend Gaby for example. Maybe one day, this will be you! I hope you get to enjoy your program as much as I did!

Magical Oxford – Camille Reflects

Undoubtedly, Oxford is a magical place. Throw in authentic and exciting academics to discover, new friends from around the world, and passionate teachers and mentors, and you have the makings for a summer that can change your life.

Camille was a part of Summerfuel’s 2017 Pre-College program at Oxford and had an experience that she will carry with her into her bright future:

“I attended Summerfuel’s program at Oxford in 2017  for three weeks, and it really was one of the best times! Here’s a little something about what I’ve been up to since then:

After Oxford, Johns Hopkins University. That’s where I spent the summer a year after my Oxford program with Summerfuel. It’s thanks to Summerfuel’s amazing program and the dedicated teachers that I chose to take a physiology and disease class in an American college after my Medical Science Experience. I still use my drama skills in everyday life, but the play I acted on the stage in Lady Margaret Hall is forever in my repertoire of plays. 

But Oxford wasn’t just academics, it was so much more. I lived in a piece of history for three weeks alongside some of the best people I’ve ever met. Sitting on the field in the back of Lady Margaret Hall, with the beautiful summer weather; that afternoon sun and clouds is a scene I won’t forget and continues to be my phone background. In addition to this beautiful scenery we had the chance to visit London twice and Churchill’s childhood home, which isn’t something you get to do everyday, especially in my case.

I live in Singapore, Southeast Asia, which means I’m away from most of my international friends. The ones I made at Oxford are spread around the globe: Lebanon, UK, France, US. This summer I was lucky enough to meet up with three of those special people and I hope that it was only the beginning of our meetings!

My life after high school is starting to form as I’ve sent out my applications for Med school to the British universities and will soon be doing so for universities in the US. I just recently got an offer to UCL, and I can’t wait to study in this field. One of my floor friends from Oxford is also applying to UCL so I’m sure the people I met at Summerfuel haven’t just disappeared from my life. 

To anyone reading this because they’re hesitating about whether or not they should apply and join a Summerfuel program: it’s truly something everyone should attend, and have the opportunity to enjoy. I know I did!!”

– Camille C., 17, Singapore

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New 2019 Pre-College Courses

Here at Summerfuel we always like to keep things fresh and interesting. We believe that it is so important to expand our horizons and explore new topics that we normally wouldn’t encounter in every day life. We are beyond excited to introduce new courses at all 3 of our Pre-College programs. From Fashion and App Design to Animals and the Environment, these new additions cover it all.

Pre-College at Tufts

Animal Science
Film Study
Sports Medicine
Multimedia & Web Programming
Creative Writing
American History in Boston Workshop
Art Museums of Boston Workshop
Theater Acting Workshop

Pre-College at Oxford

Film Production
Film Studies

Pre-College at UC Berkeley

Computer Science & App Design
Pitch to Production – Film
Introduction to Environmental Science
Introduction to Fashion Design
Sketch the City Workshop
TV Acting Workshop


Contact us today to learn more about these exciting new courses!

Saying Goodbye

It’s bright and early in the morning in Oxford! About half our students have left campus, and the other half are soon to follow.

It’s hard to say goodbye, especially to good friends. But we were glad to get to know all of these students this summer, and happy they were able to form strong friendships. We’re sure these bonds will last no matter what the distance is!

Jazz Over Dinner

Here are some pics of our candlelit, served final dinner:

The food was outstanding in its plating and delectable in taste. The music was relaxing, and several staff and students even participated as singers! But the highlight of the night was the company: friends made over the summer sharing memories and wishes for the future.

Lighting Up the Night

We’re moving into our final days at Lady Margaret Hall and trying to make the most of them!

The night ended with an all-programme dance lit up in neon colors. We all collaborated to make an online playlist that represented our American, Latin, and Russian musical tastes. Altogether, there have been some really great friendships formed, and it was fun to enjoy those friendships and celebrate with each other tonight!

Escape from Classes

It could be said that all our activities are an escape from classes, but we took that to another level this evening. More on that later!

It’s the final week of class here, and the teachers have saved a lot of their best material to share now. In Psychology of the Criminal Mind, students presented a final project researching an infamous serial killer, which is at once fascinating and horrifying. On the other end of the spectrum, Shakespeare’s England took a field trip to Pizza Express. What does that have to do with Shakespeare? Well, it’s located in a building that was an inn frequented by Shakespeare on his travels from London to Stratford-Upon-Avon!

To escape the heat, a group of students braved the new indoor minigolf course. Themed like a junkyard and decorated with blacklights, there’s a lot to distract you from sinking your shots!

Moving into the evening, students tested their wits against our Activities Director in an escape room. They had to solve puzzles and follow clues in order to retrieve their room key from a locked box, all in just 45 minutes! Fortunately, everyone made it…

We also held our final student forum and listened to feedback on the program overall. We’re always happy to hear positive comments and eager to listen to suggestions to continue making the program an even better experience!