Welcome to Summerfuel at UC Berkeley Summer 2013

Hello Summerfuel students, staff, and families!  In less than three weeks, you’ll join 140 students from around the world on the beautiful and sprawling campus of the #1 ranked public university in the world! I’m sure most of you are feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness at the thought.  I realize that this goes for parents and families too.  But these are the mixed emotions that precede all of life’s great adventures, and trust me, you are in for a great adventure this summer.  Our accomplished team of Resident Advisors, Senior Staff, and teachers are all here to keep you safe and organize daily opportunities for learning, fun and exploration. We’re all here for one purpose, to ensure the kind of supportive environment you need to craft your own unforgettable summer at Cal Berkeley.

The At-A-Glance calendar below should be a handy way for family and friends to know what’s happening in Berkeley and around the Bay Area on any given day.  The best way to get detailed information from Berkeley is to subscribe to this blog on Google Reader or another RSS feed application.  You’ll receive an email alert every time the blog is updated with posts, photos and video from California.

I know you’ve received many materials from us about what to bring, your summer courses, dormitory life, etc.  Let me just add a few last minute words of advice:

Don’t overpack – There are plenty of shops within walking distance where you can pick up toiletry items, clothes, the forgotten pair of headphones, etc.

Clothes – Campus casual will be your daily uniform—shorts, jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes, sandals. Days will usually be warm, but our close proximity to the San Francisco Bay often means fog and cool temperatures in the evening, so you’ll want a couple sweatshirts or sweaters.  On a few occasions, however, you’ll have a chance to dress up for dances and dinners in town, so pack one or two outfits.

Electronics – WiFi is available at UC Berkeley in most buildings, but Ethernet connections provide better access in your dormitory room. Computers, tablets and other internet-capable devices will be useful both for keeping in touch with friends and family and for your classes.  If you will be using internet on campus, don’t forget to register your computer BEFORE YOU TRAVEL by clicking on the following link: Residence Ethernet Registration    USER: Berkeley2012   PASS: Summerfuel

The Summerfuel staff and I wish you safe travels and sincerely look forward to meeting you on June 30th.  I’m excited for the summer you have ahead of you!

Carpe Aestatem!


David Allen                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Summerfuel Program Director



Countdown to Summerfuel Boston 2013

Only 37 days until Summerfuel Boston at Harvard officially begins! Until then, there are a couple of deadlines, events and updates that you should be aware of:

– JUNE 1st (Saturday): All final paperwork, travel details and payment due to the NYC office. Please upload documents directly to my.summerfuel.com or email them to info@summerfuel.com.

– JUNE 5th (Wednesday) at 4PM EDT: Pre-program conference call for all families participating in Summerfuel at Harvard. Common pre-program details, questions and concerns will be addressed, but if you would like to discuss something specific, please send an email to mbates@summerfuel.com with the subject line: Harvard Conference Call.

– JUNE 23rd (Sunday): Staff arrives at Harvard to start final preparations for your arrival.

– JUNE 30th (Sunday): ARRIVAL DAY!

The staff can’t wait to meet you all on June 30th! Finish the school year strong and we’ll see you this summer.


Marissa Bates

Program Coordinator



Photos from the summer – Vote for your favorites!

Hi Everyone,

At this point everyone is back at home (and we can’t even the reminisce with the always present footage of London from the Olympics anymore!)

Olympic Tower Bridge

To help fill the post-Olympic void, check out some of our pictures from this summer (including a few shots from the last night!)  http://www.flickr.com/photos/asaprograms/sets/72157630421802226/

Also- A big THANK YOU to all of you who submitted pictures for the photo contest!  The winners will be announced in September but until then you are encouraged to view all the submissions and vote for your favorites from the Oxford program and all the other Summerfuel 2012 programs!  https://www.facebook.com/SummerfuelPhotographyCompetition?v=app_256951797743905

We hope you had a fabulous summer!

Best wishes,

The Oxford Summerfuel Staff 2012

All Of Our Students May Be Gone, BUT….

Check out our Youtube channel with some of our unforgettable UMass moments!

Summerfuel UMass Staff And Students Rock Out With Tony Vacca


Haunted Woods Walk…Student, Victor Dulout Scares Summerfuel Staff Before The Event!



I don’t think any of us will forget The Hypnotist Show!
















Hey everyone! Remember that you have until August 1st to enter and vote for some of your favorite pictures from this summer! If you enter any photos, let everyone know by posting it on our UMass Facebook page! Check out the details below….


What’s fueling your summer? We’re excited to announce that this year Summerfuel is holding its first ever photo competition.


We’re challenging you to capture the heart and soul of your Summerfuel experience on digital film, phone, or any other device, and to send us your best shots.You don’t have to be studying photography or have an expensive camera – the judges will be looking for passion, authenticity, and a unique expression of your life-changing Summerfuel experience.


Think beyond the famous landmarks and straightforward snaps of friends; get beneath the surface of your day-to-day experiences; capture that fleeting moment, particular perspective, or instance of cultural immersion. Show our prestigious panel of judges from across the media and arts what Summerfuel means to you.


To enter you need to be a 2012 Summerfuel student enrolled in one of the following programmes: UMass, Berkeley, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Stanford, Barcelona, España (Cádiz, Conil, Nerja), Nice, Florence.


To enter just click on the ‘ENTER AND VIEW ENTRIES’ button. This will take you to a page where you will be prompted to upload your photos. You can enter as many as you as want. The closing date for the competition is Aug 01 2012.



Grand overall prize:
Canon EOS Rebel T4i Digital Camera with 18-55mm Lens & Basic Accessory Kit

Most Voted for prize:
The new iPad 3

Individual Program Winner:
Lytro Camera

So Long Sweet Summerfuel

The past two days have been some of the best here at ASA Summerfuel Harvard. On Thursday night, students headed out to Boston for their last RA Night. RA CK’s group had a wonderful dinner and bowled, while RA Mike and RA Justin headed to the Prudential Center for some last minute shopping. RA Chelsea and her girls had a Thai dinner, shopped on Newbury Street, and ended the night with Boston’s Famous Georgetown cupcakes. RA Marissa’s group enjoyed delicious sushi and shopped at Quincy Market. All of the students had a wonderful evening with their RAs and were able to get one last taste of Boston.

Last night, students attended their last classes and ended the night with the Closing Banquet. The night started out with an introduction and a wonderful dinner. After everyone was well fed, our program director and a special Beatboxer, David Berl, surprised everyone with an amazing rap about ASA Summerfuel Harvard. Everyone was thoroughly impressed. Afterwards, the RAs handed out awards to their students. These awards ranged from “Most Likely to Get into Harvard” to “King of the Strings” to “The Straight-Shooter Award” to “Most Likely to be Summerfuel’s Sweetheart.” All the awards were unique and funny and every students went home with some kind of Summerfuel-inspired title.

RA Chelsea and her girls dressed up for the dance!

Closing Banquet

RA Justin and his boys

After dancing the night away, students spent the night together. Some stayed in our courtyard until the wee hours of the morning, while others went to get a good night’s sleep. With students already on their way back home, it’s hard for us to say goodbye to such a wonderful summer. We’ve all had such amazing memories here at Harvard and I know that many of us will remember ASA Summerfuel Harvard as one of the best summer of our lives.

In the beginning of the program, our program director explained to the students that there were three simple rules: learn lots, have fun, and stay safe. These rules have become a running theme throughout our time here at Harvard and can apply to more situations than one. We hope that if there’s anything our students take home, it’s these three rules because even after our program ends, they still apply.

Thanks you ASA Summefuel Harvard for a fantastic summer. We will miss you all!

Our three rules

ASA UMass 2012: Guest Blogger Victor Dulout!

It has been almost twenty-seven days since a single drop of the clear Massachusetts rain fell on the campus of Amherst. The grass is getting itchy, leaving only the brave one to play the difficult sport that is called soccer. Water is getting valuable as it gets harder to walk towards the closest fountain or to the cafeteria. Our throats are getting itchy as we laugh and have fun with the numerous kids with different nationalities. Any activity is taken with heart and care by the kids in the beautiful Dorm “North A”. As the peak hour approaches, many go back in their relaxing suite to relax or work after the very interesting AM classes. When you feel fully happy about the amount of attention you put in your homework, the RA will always have a fun activity for you to enjoy and laugh.

I had a lot of fun during these 4 weeks where the students feel valued and are always happy to learn, laugh, or just walk around this magnificent campus. The RAs, like the teachers, are very professional and always ready to help a diverse and pleasant group of students.


And we’re off!

Last night was loads of fun!  We enjoyed a great dinner, were serenaded by the band, and danced to our heart’s content!

Currently half our of students are en route to the airport!