Visiting Santa Clara University – The Campus with a Mission

Our first college visit was to the beautiful Jesuit university in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University. SCU is a medium-sized, private university located in Santa Clara, California spanning 106 acres. The home of the Broncos has top notch programs in engineering and business, just to name a few. Students got to sit down with an admissions counselor for a quick Q&A session and student panel before going on a campus tour. We learned about the fundamental values of the university:

-Academic Excellence
-The Search for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty
-Engaged Learning
-Commitment to Students
-Service to Others
-Community and Diversity
-Jesuit Distinctiveness






After being prepped the day before by CAP-Berkeley Summerfuel college counselors, our students asked great questions during the information session and tour. Our tour guides, rising sophomores at the university, helped us understand why the school was the right fit for them and what they loved about SCU like the community building, food, commitment to social justice, students clubs and activities, and small, intellectually stimulating classes.



One of our awesome tour guides, a sophomore from Minnesota, was great about answering questions open and honestly- thank you, Sam!




Some of our students excitedly added SCU to their college list and others were able to appreciate it, but scratch it off theirs- either way, it was a very productive visit for Summerfuelers. We are looking forward to visiting UC Santa Cruz later today!