The First Annual ASA Youtube Film Festival, Hosted by Kyle Beek


The first ever ASA Yale Youtube Film Festival was a smashing success. Students submitted their favorite Youtube videos for consideration and the best were selected and screened in the Buttery lounge right in our beloved Silliman College. The videos were divided into five categories: Epic Fail, #Winning, Pranks, Babies & Cute Animals, and Parody- each category containing 4 or 5 videos for consideration.

A favorite of the night and the winner of the Babies & Cute Animals category was “Henri 2: Paw de Deux”. Narrated in French with English subtitles, this short film (the second in a series) details the monotonous life of an ordinary house cat and his daily struggles. Henri, the existentialist, bears the burden of angst and despair in stride, showing us only glimpses of the indignation that he suffers at the hands of his owner. If sarcasm is your kind of humor, please Youtube this series of short films; Henri will not disappoint.

Other winners included “Scarlet Takes More Than A Tumble” for the Epic Fail category, and an original video by two of our Spanish students in the Pranks category.

The Youtube Film Festival was only the end of week 1, there are more fantastic activities coming up soon! Please check back for more updates on the happenings at ASA Summerfuel at Yale Leadership Camp 2012.


Kyle Beek,
Residential Advisor
ASA Summerfuel at Yale

Exhilarating Excursion Number 2! Six Flags!

Yesterday was the day for ASA Summerfuel’s at Yale second excursion to the New England 6 Flags theme park; fatigue from the Harvard Tour, Shopping, and Aquarium visit on the Boston trip the day before surely did not slow anyone down! Students were promptly ready for a bus departure at 10:00 am but not without their favorite RA Patrick… in flat form! His day off from work was during the trip, which was upsetting for most students, but luckily a co-worker created a paper version of him to bring along!

He joined students for waiting in line for one of the fastest roller-coasters “Goliath;” he tanned on the beach while others swam; and he made sure everyone got home safely on the bus! [See gallery of photos below!] Although his presence was missed, the students had a great time passing him around throughout the day and are very excited to see his reaction to his paper adventure!

Kyle Fassett,
Residential Advisor
ASA Summerfuel at Yale

Leading in and out of the classroom.

It’s been four full days now since ASA summerfuel at Yale began.   The students have attended four days of classes on Leadership, they have participated in a New Haven/Yale tour, joined a running club that runs at 7am, beat their RAs in basketball, and spent time with me discussing the four important principles of leadership that I abide by: Model, Motivate, Mentor, and Multiply.  [See the picture of us discussing leadership on the Old Campus green in front of Yale Library, which is the 2nd largest library in North America.]

The residential advisors have talked to them one-on-one about the their ambitions. Many of them want to be social advocates, start businesses, become lawyers, and even find leadership avenues in creative industries (like fashion and music).  One student, Joe from Silicon Valley, is a future businessman and graphic designer.  During lunch, he asked if I would help him start an organization focused on raising money to fund the purchase of hearing aids for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing by selling his music and creative art.  I said yes! Joe is brilliant, as are the other students.  It is a thrill to see their passion, and to hear that they are truly enjoying the program.  They often cite their parents as inspirations.

We encourage you to reach out to your son or daughter and ask how their doing. We appreciate your feedback!!

Looking forward to Day 6 and then Boston (for a Harvard Tour and sightseeing) and Six Flags this weekend.

4th of July Fun

Although the students still had class today on the 4th of July holiday, the staff wanted to do something fun and interactive with the group.  The students took a quiz that gave them some insight as to what kind of leader they are.  Can you guess what your student scored?  Were they a Gold (organized and dependable), Blue (compassionate and caring), Orange (spontaneous and active), or Green (objective and rational).

Afterwards, we did some team building with the students where they mastered the “floating hula hoop” and also figured out a way to reach their goal outside of a circle they were confined to.  Check out these pictures of the campers working together!  We also have videos posted to the Facebook page:



Discovering Stanford

The campers are off discovering Stanford’s campus!  The RA’s were really excited to design a scavenger hunt for the students to help them learn the campus.

They just left a few minutes ago and will be finding Hoover Tower, Lake Lagunita, some of the campus’ water fountains, and more!   Here are pictures of our Stanford Scavenger Teams!

Summerfuel Activities

Take a look at what the students will be doing outside of the classroom!  We have a ton of activities planned.  The group will be going on excursions on the weekends to learn about the San Francisco area!

Stanford Students Have Arrived!

They are here!  Many students had long days of travel yesterday (some were traveling to Palo Alto for 24 hours!) and were very tired upon their arrival, but excited to be here and meet all of the other students.

They had their first class this morning and are currently at the campus bike shop where they can rent a bike to get around campus.  Following their afternoon class, we will be working on getting internet set up this afternoon.

Day 1 is well on it’s way!  Be sure to like us on Facebook to get other up-to-date news and photos (

Pictures will follow soon!  We will also be having the RA staff and students write their own blog post occasionally, so check back often to see what they’re up to.

Yay! The Students Are Here!!

They are here!! Just a quick note at the end of a very long day to let you know that all of our students have arrived safely today, with only one more to arrive in the morning.  Although there were some flight delays, it was great how the students and staff managed to have fun at the airport while we were waiting for everyone (see photo)!

The weather was beautiful, although we did have a very refreshing stretch of rain. Our students ate dinner and then met their residential advisors during our all-program meeting tonight.  We discussed all the exciting academic and extracurricular activities planned for them.  We went over program rules and our schedule for Monday, and we promptly sent them to bed for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow will be their first day of class and their first chance to visit New Haven (and pick up anything they need, such as notebooks, Yale gear and water bottles, cellphones, and laundry detergent).

We know the students were tired after a long day of travel, but we’re certain tomorrow will be a pleasant and engaging day.  If you or your child have any concerns, please encourage your child to discuss those concerns with their residential advisor.   They can also find me in our staff office.

Feel free to call us to check-in or with your concerns:
Office: 203-901-8088 (office, 9-5:30pm, EDT)
On-Call:  917-805-6307 (On-Call)

Looking forward to tomorrow.