Pro Packing Tips


Whether you’re heading on a trip in the new year or brainstorming your summer travel must-haves – it’s never too early to get a head start on your packing plan. We asked our travel lovers here at Summerfuel HQ for their advice on what to pack, how to pack it, and what to leave at home.


Bring the Basics

You know how it goes: everyone starts with a plan to pack light and ends with a suitcase that’s bursting at the seams. Avoid this early by narrowing your wardrobe down to the basics:


– Lightweight materials, wrinkle-free with no special care needs

– Clothes you can mix-and-match together and layer if it turns chilly

– Outfits that do double-duty (dress it up, dress it down)

– Comfortable walking shoes (!!!)

– Flip-flops (good for the beach and the hotel/dorm shower)

Leave home:

– Bulky clothes, heavy sweaters and sensitive materials

– Clothes for those “what-if” moments – if you can’t think of why you need it, you probably don’t

– Most of your shoe collection

Pro-tip: Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It helps minimize wrinkles and maximize suitcase space.


Pick your Products 

Save yourself the stress of packing (and keeping track of) all your beauty products and toiletries. Pick and choose your essentials and leave the rest at home.


– On-the-go products: makeup remover wipes, dry shampoo spray, travel-sized bottles of shampoo and body wash

– Stain-remover sticks like Tide-to-Go

– Sunscreen, lip-balm, Tylenol/Ibuprofen

– If you wear contact lenses, bring an extra case and solution in your carry-on bag. That way if your luggage is delayed you’ll still be covered

Leave Home:

– Extra Makeup – narrow down your collection to the basics and leave the bulk at home

– Full-sized bottles of skin and hair products – If you’ll be staying for a while, remember you can always grab full-size essentials when you arrive.

– Anything particularly expensive or valuable (jewelry, watches, perfume, etc.)

Pro-tip: if you’re flying, get familiar with the TSA rules for liquids and gels before you pack. Bottles must be 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less, and placed in a quart sized bag. Anything bigger should go in your checked luggage!


Happy packing!
The Summerfuel Team