Monkeys and More!

On Saturday we crossed international borders and headed to Gibraltar, a British colony on the very tip of the Iberian Peninsula that has played a key strategic role in various military engagements over the past several centuries. Today Gibraltar functions as an international banking center and a duty-free haven for shoppers. More importantly for us, however, was the famous colony of Barbary Apes, which we visited after a steep cable car ride up to the very top of the Rock of Gibraltar. While not dangerous, the monkeys are definitely fun and mischievous, and we had a great time getting just close enough to take some photos.

Classes are going great as we are challenged to use our Spanish skills, whether through activities at the local farmers market or practicing conversation with authentic Spanish phrases. We’re making some big leaps and bounds and continue to improve!









Another highlight of the week was our beach volleyball tournament.



There still lots of exciting adventures ahead of this. This weekend we embark on an overnight journey to Granada where we will visit the Alhambra, a Moorish palace with incredible Arab architecture and design dating back to medieval times. We will also visit the Albaicín, a labyrinthine neighborhood where travellers sought out authentic Gypsy dances as far back as the nineteenth century. Photos to come….