Casino Night

Students had a great time Monday at Casino Night! Take a look at some photos from the evening:

Final Week at Tufts!

This past week has been a full and busy one for Pre-College students at Tufts. Classes are in full swing, and students have been busy not only learning, but having lots of fun too. Wednesday night boasted an RA dinner in Davis Square followed by an outdoor movie. Thursday, students enjoyed an incredible magic and hypnosis show – quite the hit! On Friday, some students ventured to Boda Borg while others had fun bowling at Lucky Strike. Saturday was for exploring Boston and having a night filled with pizza bagels, crafts, and karaoke. On Sunday we were able to celebrate some Summerfuel birthdays with cards, cake, and balloons!

We have officially entered into our final week at Tufts, and we intend to make the most of it!

Up, Up, and Away: TreeTop Adventures

“You’re the RA, you go first.”

The students stared at me, waiting for a response.

“You want to see an RA die today?” I joked nervously, looking up at the trees. Not wanting to hold up the line, I slowly clipped on my harness, following the directions the TreeTop instructors had shown us a few minutes earlier.

|=Lock on with the tweezle. Clip on. Climb up.

I thought the worst was over as I huffed and puffed to the top of the tree. When I turned around, a single metal cable greeted me. This meant one thing; I had to zip-line across to get to the next tree. I was ten feet up and the next tree was twenty feet across.

I am afraid of heights.

I was already up there, I couldn’t go back now. After a moment of contemplating, I finally clipped onto my zipline. I looked across to the next tree; I closed my eyes and pushed.

WOOOOOOOOSH, just like that, a rush of wind and adrenaline carried me over to the other side.

I sighed in relief.

This is kind of fun…

        Last Saturday, was the Treetop Adventures excursion. For most of the students, it was their very first time in a high ropes obstacles course. While many were very excited, some had their doubts. Slowly, the fears of the students disappeared as they geared up, learned the safety procedures, and went onto the courses. The courses were divided up by difficulty, some close to the ground with lots of wooden platforms while others were high up in the sky, with only cable strings to walk on. Several of the students challenged themselves, moving onto the harder courses as they finished an obstacle. Groups of friends would travel together and cheered each other on whenever one got stuck. Although it was challenging, overall Treetop Adventures was a new and exciting experience for the Summerfuel students.

written by: Amy Lee


First Day of Class!

Monday marked the first day of classes for Pre-College Tufts Session 2. From Introduction to Medical Science to Journalism & Social Media, there is no shortage of interesting subjects to be explored. After AM Classes, Group Photos, and PM Classes, students ventured out to Davis Square with their RAs. Later on, students joined forces with other Summerfuel programs at Tufts for Game Show Mash-Up.

Second Session Has Begun

Yesterday we welcomed the students attending the second session of the College Admissions Edge program as well as students joining the Pre-College program for the second session. Everyone arrived safely from around the globe, are settling in to their new home at Harleston Hall, and meeting the students that were already here for Session 1. Last night students had Orientation and Director’s Welcome, along with a floor meeting with their RA’s, and a Summer Smoothies Mixer. We look forward to what the next two weeks hold!

Tree Top Adventure Trip!

This past Saturday, students that are staying four weeks on the Pre-College program had the opportunity to go on a Tree Top Adventure Trip. Take a peek:

Session 1 Comes to an End

Today marks the end of Session 1 of the Pre-College and College Admissions Edge programs at Tufts University. CAE students as well as students only attending Session 1 of PC are departing today to travel back to their homes around the world. Two weeks have flown by, and students are leaving with new friends, new knowledge, and lots of stories to tell their loved ones back home. We wish all those that are leaving Tufts today a great rest of the summer, and we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you do in the future!

A Glimpse Into Classes

With week two drawing to a close, take a look at our classes and workshops in full swing: