As we wrap things up, we wanted to give the students a chance to share what they learned this month, their work, their art or even their talents. Last night, after dinner, we hosted a student showcase. Students were invited to bring any special projects they had completed during the summer, samples of their work to display or to prepare a presentation or performance for their peers. We had many different entries from fashion portfolios to sketches and photos. The first part of the showcase was a gallery viewing where students could walk around and check out their friends’ work.

Whilst some were gallery viewing, Nastya offered her talents to do individual portraits of anyone who wanted. She was able to complete each portrait in just a few minutes and everyone was amazed with her incredible talent. She gave those who participated a priceless souvenir and memory of an incredible summer together.

After the gallery viewing, some students presented work. Marina and Cara presented a pizza and foccacia bread they had made in cooking class. They talked about the ingredients and why they are typical products of the region. Finally, Eli and Jack each performed country songs to get us ready for a night of dancing. We were blown away by their amazing singing talent (and humbleness). We were so happy to have had them share their talent with us on one of our last nights. It was a very special night and a great way to start the beginning of the end.

To celebrate a successful summer, and after much persuasion, we decided to hit the club for a night of dancing. Everyone got dressed up and went down to Space club together.

The club quickly filled up and the music was exactly what the students were hoping for. Everyone was singing, dancing and enjoying each other’s company. When it was time to go, we still had to pull some off the dance floor because they were having so much fun. We were so happy to be able to celebrate the end of the program together in such a fun way. Tonight we are heading out to get one last view of the city before our final dinner and night in the residence. We cannot believe it is coming to an end but we are so grateful to have had the experience and shared it with your child, sibling, friend, etc!